November 2013. Vincent LEBBE

Vincent Lebbe , " an ardent heart ," living among the living.

The coincidence that in the month of November 2013, the Kot Carrefour Vincent Lebbe is organizing an international week dedicated to Asia, to celebrate a highlight its different cultures and to open our horizon.

More than all this yet , it is an opportunity for Kot Carrefour Vincent Lebbe to remember the founding pillar of its existence: Frédéric Vincent Lebbe (Ghent , 19 August 1877 - Chongqing on June 24, 1940) the one work based on moral and ethical , social and human foundation of our association.

Vincent Lebbe , despite the circumstances and because of the circumstances, his attitude and commitment , will open new routes between Europe and China, respectful of Chinese and China . And vice - versa. Vincent Lebbe , in this sense, is exemplary.

The portrait by François- Xavier Schlesser, the current Head of Research and New Media at the radio and Francophone Belgian television (RTBF ) - - fully shows how the " heart burning "by its actions and committed , embodying the values ​​of multiculturalism, was during his life a" living with the living. "

Let us be like him, a strong heart , living among the living and opening , by our words and deeds, the horizon.

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