Tutmonda Festival

In short, the Tutmonda Festival is ...
During the 27 and 28 March last, the Tutmonda Festival took place in the heart of Louvain-la-Neuve. In short, the Tutmonda Festival is the meeting of the nine cultural kots of Louvain-la-Neuve (The Arabikap the Cafrikap, The Kot Verdom the Kot Erasmus, The china-e-Kot, Kot The Manga, The Latin Amérikap, Le Kot Carrefour and the CGEE) gathered around a common goal: promoting the meeting of cultures. Each kot has the task to plunge the audience into different cultures and especially to take a fresh angle.

The Kot Carrefour  at Tutmonda

Stage presence

For Tutmonda the Kot Carrefour has decided to promote African culture by offering a parade of traditional African clothing worn in various special occasions (such as weddings and parties) and in everyday life. The parade was part was a little in the continuity of the African week  that was held a few weeks ago at Kot Carrefour. Nevertheless, the activity of Kot Carrefour has attracted a wide audience of enthusiastic curious  at Tutmonda Festival.

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But behind the scenes


The Kot Carrefour was also present "behind the scenes" at the Tutmonda. Indeed, during the evening concert on Wednesday, a few motivated volunteers of the Kot Carrefour also assured the public a good presence by helping behind the bar.


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