february 2014

Storming life

Europe will be honored at Kot Carrefour Vincent Lebbe during the month of February 2014. And for good reason , he began his international weeks by this old continent that is not older than the other but , ironically , is described as old . The words have a hard life . Like men, steeped in a long history full of contradictions , legends, truths, non- truths, truths built too.

For example, in Europe, as a continent , is not physically a geographical unit as the North and South American continent . Thus, to the east, its boundaries have varied over time , according to geological criteria but also by cultural , political, and religious . And paradoxes : it is Peter I of Russia (Moscow, June 9, 1672 - Saint Petersburg , February 8, 1725 ) which set the first limits of Europe ranging from the Atlantic Ocean to Ural Mountains .

Much water has flowed under the bridges in the history of all the peoples of Europe. Faced with the historical and political complexity, the key is to have an open, non-reducing mind, to face life with new eyes , to discover the heritage that everyone has spirit , door and transmitted.

There, each of us builds Europe, makes it grow beyond the conventions and treaties, makes it human. And as said Vaclav Havel (Prague, October 5, 1936 - Hradecek , December 18, 2011 ) , playwright, essayist, and man of Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic , "safeguarding our human world is nowhere else than in the human heart human thought, human responsibility . "

Therefore, Europe, in all its diversity, is still to be discovered.

Ricardo Heredia

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