Rooms for Students

you are a student at UCL

you are at least 20 years old

you are undertaking courses of study related to the  2nd or 3rd cycle of your academic career

you would like to meet and interact with young people of other nationalities


Kot Carrefour provides:

- 29 single furnished rooms with private shower (334€/month)

- 7 single furnished rooms with shared shower (300-314€/month)

- with a connection to the internet, free of charge

- with a surface area of approximately 15 m2

- with a large shared kitchen, dining  room and recreation room

- a 10-month lease,  with effect from 15 September to 14 July

- it’s possible to rent the room from mid-July and mid-September

- in a recently constructed building with a garden

- set in the green-belt in a quiet area, close to the town centre

Located in 46 Verte Voie, 1348 Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium,

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